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How can I learn more about tuning and maintaining my Hoyt bow?

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The Hoyt Owner's Manual is full of helpful tips on basic tuning and maintenance! The manuals (by product year) can be found at http://hoyt.com/support/manuals.  In addition to the owner's manual, many helpful tuning tips can be found in the Easton Arrow Guide. You can download the guide at: http://www.eastonarchery.com/downloads/selection-charts

How often should I replace my strings and cables?

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Hoyt recommends that a bow's strings and cables should be changed when wear is evident or every two years under normal use conditions.

How often should I wax my bow strings?

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Hoyt recommends applying a light coat of bowstring wax to your bow's strings and cables on a regular basis. Hoyt suggests once every two weeks during peak use. Use a high quality bowstring wax available at your local Hoyt Pro Shop.

How often should I lubricate my wheels/cams?

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A light, spot lubrication of the axles where they pass through the wheel/cam should be done on a regular basis (1,500-2,000 shots). In adverse hunting conditions where dirt, dust, and moisture are encountered, lubrication may be done on a daily basis. Hoyt recommends that you use a silicone or Teflon based lubrication or any other quality grease available at your local Hoyt Pro Shop. It is not recommended that you use "penetrating oils" such as WD-40, EZ #7, Fast Break, etc. Note: Cam & 1/2 System bows feature sealed stainless steel ball bearings which do not require lubrication.