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Can I retrofit my older model Hoyt bow with newer cams and limbs?

Each cam and limb model is specifically designed to work together with the particular bow models that they are built with.  While some cam and limb models may have similar dimensions and physically “fit” on another bow, adding those parts can cause negative effects to both the performance and the safety of the bow.  Hoyt does not recommend using any parts on a bow that were not originally available on that particular model from the Hoyt factory.

How often should I lubricate my wheels/cams?

A light, spot lubrication of the axles where they pass through the wheel/cam should be done on a regular basis (1,500-2,000 shots). In adverse hunting conditions where dirt, dust, and moisture are encountered, lubrication may be done on a daily basis. Hoyt recommends that you use a silicone or Teflon based lubrication or any other quality grease available at your local Hoyt Pro Shop. It is not recommended that you use "penetrating oils" such as WD-40, EZ #7, Fast Break, etc. Note: Cam & 1/2 System bows feature sealed stainless steel ball bearings which do not require lubrication.