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Machine Shop Operations Manager

Department: Machine Shop
Location: Salt Lake City
Post Date: Apr 05, 2018

Hoyt Archery, the leader in archery innovation and engineering, is looking for an experienced Machine Shop Operations Manager. You will join a team of dedicated employees that are driven to build the best bows the world has to offer. The people behind the scenes at Hoyt Archery are what make our product excel with uncompromising quality. As the Machine Shop Operations Manager, you will be responsible for supervising these employees as they build the bows we know and love.

Essential Day to Day Functions

The Machine Shop Operations Manager will responsible for overseeing daily operations in the machine shop and aluminum finishing area, ensuring compliance with all safety, quality, quantity, and housekeeping standards. This role manages shift managers, CNC programmers and cell leads, oversees all activities pertaining to prototypes, programming, set-ups, tooling, jig design and upkeep, time studies and other duties needed to comply with Hoyt’s policies and initiatives.

To guarantee efficient production flow, the Machine Shop Operations Manager will:
• Track and Review shift production yields
• Recommend and implement process and productivity improvements
• Oversee the creation of CNC programs to meet the specifications of product line
• Monitor individual efficiencies, coach and re-train when necessary
• Collaborate with Production Planning and Machine Shop Managers to ensure maximum productivity
• Ensure that all work sequence and Operations Manuals are utilized as required by the Hoyt Management System
• Help and monitor Cell Captains to ensure all set-ups are done promptly and efficiently
• Coach and mentor Machine Shop Managers, direct reports and other members of the team
• Monitor scrap, tags, and quarantines as need

Additionally, you may be required to help with building security, theft issues, and provide First Aid when needed.

Required Knowledge and Skills:

• Basic computer skills in word-processing, spreadsheets.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
• Problem solving, decision-making and organizational skills.
• Advanced shop math and trigonometry skills.
• Ability to read blue prints and repair fixtures.
• Knowledge of ISO System requirements.
• MasterCAM / Cad Cam programming abilities.
• Knowledge of cutting tools and applications.

Training and Education:

A.A.S Degree Manufacturing Technology
B.S. Degree Manufacturing or Mechanical Engineering

Prior Work Experience:

Type of Experience Length of Experience
Cad Cam Programming 3+ years
Supervisory experience 3+ years
Machinist 5+ years

Working Environment:
The Machine Shop Manager works in a production environment with exposure to varying noise and temperature levels, some exposure to handling sharp objects. You will be required to wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). You may be required to stand for long periods of time and to lift up to 60 lbs.

Hoyt Archery is an Equal Opportunity Employer

In an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle and work environment Hoyt Archery only hires Non-Tobacco users.

How to Apply:

Email your resumé, cover letter and references to [email protected]

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CNC Programmer

Department: Machine Shop
Location: Salt Lake City
Post Date: Apr 18, 2018

Essential Functions:

Creates all CNC programs - Utilizing Master Cam will create the necessary
Alpha Numeric programs that match specifications given by Product Engineering
to any specific machined component that has become part of the product line.
Uses other auxiliary software as needed to include but not limited to Solid
Works, AutoCAD, Bob cam’ Word, Excel, Access, Predator, Digiset and other
related Software.

Design all CNC Fixturing - Utilizing electronic drawings from Product
Engineering; designs, consults and develops with assistance from the team, all
fixtures and tooling for the production process of any new component that
becomes part of the Machine Shop production line.

Quality Assurance - Works with Quality Assurance and Product
Engineering in the creation of Inspection Sheets, BOM’s, Process Control,
Gages, Time Studies, Tooling Drawing Control and any additional paperwork
required to meet all dimensions on a new part machined by the CNC Centers

Trains Leads and other programmers - Trains leads and managers on new processes

Tool Crib Duties - Recommends tool upgrades as necessary. Deal with various tool vendors and tests new tools, as they become available. Assist in finding solutions to tool breakage issues.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
•Basic computer skills in word-processing, spreadsheets and Access.
•Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
•Problem solving, decision-making and organizational skills.
•Advanced shop math and trigonometry skills.
•Ability to read blue prints and design fixtures.
•General understanding of GDT.
•Knowledge of SPC requirements.
•Master Cam, Solid Works and Auto Cad abilities preferred. Other Cad-Cam software is acceptable.
•Familiar with cutting tools and applications.
•Complete knowledge of Quality Assurance, ISO preferred.
•Good understanding of Lean Philosophies

Required Previous Experience:
•3 yrs. Machinist
•3 yrs. CNC Programmer

Preferred Training & Education:
•5+ yrs. Machinist
•AA or Certificate from Vocational School
•3 yrs. CAM Programming

How to Apply:

Email your resumé, cover letter and references to [email protected]

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CNC Operator - 2nd Shift

Department: Machine Shop
Location: Salt Lake City
Post Date: Jun 06, 2018

While upholding Hoyt’s Policies and Mission and Values Statements, the CNC Operator I is responsible for safe and proficient operation of the CNC machine used in the process of manufacturing handles and small parts for bows.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

 Ability to pay attention to detail.
 Ability to set up, start-up and re-zero machinery according to specifications.
 Knowledge of tools used in the manufacturing process and ability to replace broken parts in a quick, efficient manner.
 Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.

Training :
High school diploma or equivalent.

1+ years running CNC Machine

How to Apply:

Email your resumé, cover letter and references to [email protected]

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Maintenance Technicians - 1st & 2nd Shift Available!

Department: Plant Services
Location: Salt Lake City
Post Date: Jun 01, 2018

While upholding Hoyt’s Policies and Mission and Values Statements, the Maintenance Tech A is primarily responsible for assisting Manufacturing Engineering staff in machine and process design and build activities. In addition, this person is also responsible for servicing major equipment breakdowns and may be used to install new utility lines (electrical, plumbing, natural gas, water, phones, etc.).

Mechanical Responsibilities:
• Reading and understanding Engineering prints and schematics: Must be able to read basic engineering drawings, electrical/pneumatic hydraulic schematics, and understand the symbols, notes and applicable GD&T.
• Fabricating replacement parts: Must be able to fabricate replacement parts in-house for Hoyt OEM equipment and machinery. Fabricate parts for non-Hoyt OEM equipment when feasible.
• Assignment of Capital Improvement projects: Take the lead on all assigned capital improvement projects, at whatever stage it is handed over from the Maintenance Manager. This may include the creation of drawings and sketches, creating a Bill of Material, ordering or fabricating necessary parts, writing or editing PLC programs, assembling and testing the project for use by production, and address potential personnel and equipment safety issues.
• Assisting in project planning, execution and completion: Assist the Manufacturing Engineering department in the planning, execution and completion of a project, including offering technical advice and rendering assistance as called upon.
• Installation of utility lines: Installs electrical distribution, up to 480 volts and 400 amps. Runs conduit, voice and data lines, liquid and pneumatic plumbing and air lines, as needed.

Major Equipment Servicing Responsibilities:
•Repair of major production equipment and machinery: Examine and troubleshoot problems to diagnose the cause of a machine or equipment malfunction. Dismantle, or partly dismantle, the machine, and perform repair with minimal downtime. Replace broken or defective parts with items from stock. Reassemble the machine or equipment to normal operating conditions.
•Work with outside contractors: Establish good communications with various outside contractors in achieving desired results for machine, equipment and facility maintenance projects.

Minor Equipment and Facility Service Responsibilities: The Maintenance Tech A will also perform equipment, process and facility maintenance tasks as assigned, or needed.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

 Strong organizational, problem-solving and communication skills.
 Knowledge of electrical (including ability to design and build electrical panels), plumbing, natural gas, water and drainage systems.
 An understanding of electrical schematics, blue prints, and ladder logic.
 Must have a mechanical aptitude.
 Basic math skills.
 Knowledge of Spreadsheets, Database and Word Processing programs.

Training and Education:

Associate’s degree, completion of a related trade school program, or equivalent experience.

Required Prior Work Experience:

Machine Build experience 2-3 years
Electrical, industrial wiring 2-3 years
Major Equipment and Machine servicing experience,
Preferably in a manufacturing environment 2-3 years
Basic carpentry. 1 year
Plumbing experience, including PVC, ABS, Black Iron 1 year

How to Apply:

Email your resumé, cover letter and references to [email protected]

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Production Manager

Department: Assembly, Accessories & Strings
Location: Salt Lake City
Post Date: Jun 01, 2018

While upholding Hoyt’s Policies and the Mission and Values Statements, the Production Manager is responsible for managing the processes and the employees working in the assigned area. Will be responsible for reviewing and establishing material, equipment and manpower requirements, and ensuring compliance with all safety, quality, and housekeeping standards.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

•Knowledge of computers, M2K, and the ability to generate complex spreadsheets on Excel.
•Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
•Problem solving, decision-making and organizational skills.
•Knowledge of schematics or drawings.
•Knowledge of mathematics and statistics.
•Knowledge and utilization of scheduling, inventory control and planning methods.
•Understanding of Hoyt products and Bills of Material helpful.


Business/ Management
A.A.S. /Equivalent

Required Prior Work Experience:

Supervisory experience 3+ years

Lean Manufacturing principles 3+ years

ISO 2001 experience 2+ years

How to Apply:

Email your resumé, cover letter and references to [email protected]

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Cost Accountant

Department: Accounting
Location: Salt Lake City
Post Date: Jul 01, 2018


• Maintain and process standard forms such as part routers, and time study sheets.
• Prepare, analyzes, and understands inventory adjustment, and exception reporting.
• Planning, Studying, and collecting data related to the cost of product such as labor, overhead, and material.
• Analyze changes in product design, manufacturing methods, and raw material to determine effects on cost.
• Analyze and understand actual manufacturing costs, and prepare period reports to compare actual vs. standard production costs.
• Collaborates, and communicates clearly and effectively with other departments.
• Understand and analyze inventory and inventory related transactions in M2K. Assist in year-end physical inventory audit. Investigates, analyzes, and
monitors cycle count discrepancies.
• Support accounting manager in day-to-day operations, monthly and year-end G/L reconciliations, and preparation of journal entries.
• Supports Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes; possesses a thorough understanding and ability to perform daily activities for these
• Collect information and documentation for third party audits.
• Maintain standard work, assist in preparation of KPI’s, and training matrix.
• Other projects and duties as assigned.


Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance
5+ years’ experience in accounting, manufacturing experience required

Strong costing background, excellent analytical skills, and a strong understanding of accounting principles.
Strong Excel skills, and ability to use Outlook and Word.
Ability to accurately prepare daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual schedules and reports.
Strong written and oral communication skills.
Ability to manage projects.
Willingness to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

How to Apply:

Email your resumé, cover letter and references to [email protected]

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