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How many twists can I have/do I need in my recurve bow string?

Hoyt recommends that a modern synthetic (Dyneema, Fast Flight, etc.) string for a high-performance bow have not less than 15-20 twists with a suggested maximum of 1 twist per inch of string length. This promotes a rounder, more consistent string.

What recurve string material does Hoyt recommend ?

All Hoyt recurves are engineered to work with the latest high-performance string materials. We have extensively tested and have had good results with the following: Angel Majesty Brownell D75 Dyneema Brownell D75 Thin Brownell TS1 BCY Dynaflight 97 BCY 8125G or BCY 8190.  Any of these current materials can be used to build an excellent recurve bowstring. Please consult manufacturer websites for additional information on these string materials.

How often should I wax my bow strings?

Hoyt recommends applying a light coat of bowstring wax to your bow's strings and cables on a regular basis. Hoyt suggests once every two weeks during peak use. Use a high quality bowstring wax available at your local Hoyt Pro Shop.

How often should I replace my strings and cables?

Hoyt recommends that a bow's strings and cables should be changed when wear is evident or every two years under normal use conditions.

How do I find the string and cable lengths for my Hoyt bow?

The string and cable lengths are normally listed on the limb sticker located on the limb of your bow. If this sticker is missing or illegible, you can go to and research the tune charts for the correct specifications. Please visit the Compound Bow Tune Charts page.