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Olympic Gold Medalists, World Champions and World Cup Winners all rely on the performance and innovation of their legendary Hoyt Recurves. Engineered with advanced designs and the best materials, Hoyt recurves are BUILT TO WIN.

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Tournament archery isn’t all about the top pros and the biggest stages. Even the world’s best were beginners once. Have a Target or 3D archery moment you are proud of? We would love to see it! Share it with us here!

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The most dominant team in archery. The world’s best archers trust Hoyt to help them shoot their best scores and put them on more podiums.


Want to know the secrets of the pros? Step inside the Hoyt blog to get inside the mind of the world’s best archers.

Mr. Perfect is Flawless in Berlin

Jul 27, 2018
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Lopez, Anderson Battle for Gold at World Cup in Salt Lake City

Jul 09, 2018
 #Hoyt #compound #recurve #target archery

Hoyt Shooters Gold Rush SoCal

Jul 09, 2018
 #hoyt #compound #recurve #target archery

Anderson, Ellison and Koehl Finish Top in Field

Jul 09, 2018
 #hoyt #target archery #recurve #compound

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