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If my bow needs repairs or warranty work what should I do?

All warranty claims must be processed through your local genuine Hoyt dealer.  The dealer will help determine if they can complete the required repairs or if Hoyt factory service is needed.  Please take your bow in to your nearest Hoyt dealer at your earliest convenience so we can get it taken care of.

How do I find the serial number on my bow?

The following section of will show you the possible serial number locations on your Hoyt bow:

Serial Number positioning varies by model and year. These are the 5 positions where your serial number could be located. Hoyt began adding serial numbers to bows in 2002.

Position 1: Located in the recessed area above the grip on the thumb side.

Position 2: Underneath the cable rod, located between the grip and the sight mounting holes. 

Position 3: On the cable side of the riser, positioned between your sight mounting holes. This position is often used for Carbon model bows. 

Position 4: Underneath the grip. This position is common on PowerMax and Charger bows. 

Position 5: Between the limbs in the upper limb pocket.