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How does Hoyt decide who is on the Pro Shooting Staff?

Hoyt has a factory direct professional shooting staff. This staff is compiled of the finest archers from across the globe. Many of whom have won or hold many world records, national records, world championship and national championship titles. These shooters are the cream of the crop and the best of the best. Here are some of the requirements that they have accomplished to get them on the Hoyt Pro Staff. (In no particular order): · They actively compete in the highest level of competition or the professional divisions at one of the following tournament circuits: NFAA, NAA, IBO, ASA and FITA. · They commit each year to at least one pro tour circuit in the NFAA, NAA, IBO, ASA and/or FITA tournaments. · They consistently medal at the above mentioned tournaments. · They are very helpful to newcomers to the sport and are actively involved in promoting the sport of archery. · They are professional and sportsmanlike in all archery related functions. · They are likely on a national archery team. · They have a diehard passion for Hoyt and are loyal to the Hoyt brand. If you feel that you meet the requirements to join our staff, please submit a resume to [email protected]! How does Hoyt decide who is on the National Shooting Staff? The National Shooting Staff is administered and managed by participating, authorized Hoyt dealers. For more information, please contact your local genuine Hoyt dealer.

How does Hoyt decide who is on the Hunting Pro Staff?

Hoyt has some of the most decorated names in the hunting industry on its Hunting Pro Staff. These professional hunters are among the most hardcore, avid bowhunters you’ll find anywhere. Many of them hunt for a living or have their own TV shows. They travel the world in search of trophy-class and hard-to-find game. Many record book-class trophies fall each year to the stealth of the Hoyt Bowhunting Pro Staff. Here are some of the requirements to earn a spot on Hoyt’s Bowhunting Pro Staff (In no particular order): · Be a diehard Hoyt fan. · Be an ethical and responsible hunter. · Be a regularly published writer in the major bowhunting publications. · Have your own television program that is aired on the Outdoor Channel (or be actively involved in one). · Regularly produce quality bowhunting videos and DVD’s. · Hunt a lot! · Be actively involved in promoting the sport of bowhunting.