T-Bone Reviews the New Carbon RX-4 Alpha

by: Travis Turner

For me, Christmas always comes early. When Hoyt releases their new lineup of bows each year, I'm like a kid in Santa's workshop. When the delivery man showed up with my new 2020 REDWRX Carbon RX-4 Alpha, I scurried back to my own archery workshop to check it out. Right out of the box, it was immediately evident that this is the shortest axle-to-axle bow Hoyt has ever built. I was licking my chops just thinking about how sweet this bow will perform in the tight spaces I hunt from. Being a big guy myself, I already take up enough room in a treestand and ground blind, so the small, compact bow was sure to be a welcomed and appreciated partner for maneuvering the woods. I was literally 8 hours from leaving for Oklahoma and a whitetail hunt I was really looking forward to. Even though it had just arrived, I wasn't going to leave without my new Hoyt rig even if that meant I would have to set it up in camp. That night I laid in bed thinking of my new 2020 Carbon RX-4 Alpha and how excited I was to take it to Oklahoma. Early the next morning, I was packed, loaded and ready to rock, as I made my way to the Sooner State to put my new Alpha Series bow to work.  

After arriving in camp, I was anxious to get the bow setup and shooting as I was certainly wanting to see how the bow shot at this shorter axle-to-axle length. Getting the Carbon RX-4 Alpha dialed in took no time at all. It was everything I have loved about Hoyt carbon bows and more! The all-new ZTR Cams are ultra-smooth and efficient and have what I like to call an extremely shootable firm wall. You could immediately feel the improvement Hoyt made in the firmness of the back wall and it makes a difference. It feels awesome! The new integrate rest option is super sleek and contributes to less weight in an already super lightweight bow. There’s not a better grip on the market for ultimate accuracy and I have always loved the warm to the touch feel of carbon, especially when sitting in a frigid treestand for hours on end. An immediate bullet hole through paper had me shooting darts on the range as I sat and smiled at how incredibly quiet the bow performed shot after shot. To my delight, the short axle-to-axle length was no hindrance whatsoever to ultimate accuracy and it was truly love at first shot.

With the bow tuned and sighted in, I was ready to put it to the ultimate test. That evening, I was perched above a perfect November whitetail setting. That setting was made all the better when a monster 8 pointer made his way into the red zone! With my Carbon RX-4 Alpha locked and loaded, I maneuvered into position, drew the bow into the rock-solid back wall, settled in and released the arrow. Without the big buck knowing what happened, the stealthy-quiet shot hit its mark and blew through for a complete pass through and a short 50-yard blood trail. With less than 2 dozen arrows through the bow, I had connected on an Oklahoma Brute and I was again, #HoytTaggedOut!

I have trusted Hoyt for over 21 years to punch tags and fill freezers. The reason is simple. They are the best built, most accurate, dependable bows you will ever shoot. Don’t take my word for it though. Get to your local Hoyt retailer and grip the bows, feel the bows and shoot the bows for yourself. You’ll experience the difference. And, if you are serious about whitetail hunting, be sure to check out the all-new Alpha Series bows. They are definitely the best whitetail hunting bows I've ever shot.

Happy Hunting!

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