Hoyt Pro Staffer Rick van den Oever

Hoyt Pro Staffer Rick van den Oever

Rick van den Oever

Rick Van Den Oever

Pro Staff

Rick began shooting archery at the age of 9.  He shoots because of his love for the feeling of developing himself and self-fulfillment. Archery gives him the opportunity to do that. With incredible performances going all of the way back to his Youth Olympic Games Rick has been a force for years.  He joined the Hoyt Pro Staff Family in 2013.  When he isn't training or competing Rick owns his on company and is extremely active throughout Europe with his seminars on all aspects of the sport.  Besides archery he enjoys playing indoor soccer with a team of friends and just hanging out with people.

Career Achievements:

     -     2010 Youth Olypmic Games SILVER

     -     2012 European Outdoor Team GOLD

     -     2013 European Indoor Team GOLD

     -     2013 World Outdoor Championships SILVER

     -     2014 World Indoor Championships BRONZE


Favorite Archery Game (3D/Field/FITA, etc):     Fita and 3D

Favorite Event every Year?   Any of the World Cups

What is your most memorable experience in archery?     The Youth Olympic Games 2010 Singapore

Best piece of advice for upcoming archers (Other than “shoot a Hoyt” as I will add that anywayJ )? Don’t get caught up in the little things, always look at the big picture!

Rick's other Sponsors:                                              

     -     Easton, Doinker, Axcel, Beiter, EuropeArchery