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Team Hoyt's Men's Recurve Continues Sweep in Lancaster

Jan 25, 2016 |  #Hoyt #target archery #compound #recurve

A wicked snow flurry wasn’t the only storm brewing as Team Hoyt arrived at the Lancaster Classic this past weekend.

After day one, Hoyt Pros filled the majority of the top qualification spots in each class. Sadly, due to an unfortunate and uncontrollable turn of events that caused tournament organizers to change the way the event transpired, skipping the 2nd day altogether due to life threatening weather, and cut straight to the top 8 of Men’s compound shooters and top 4 of all other classes, there were still many red jerseys on the line.

Regardless of the changes made, Team Hoyt’s Sean McLaughlin, Brady Ellison and Zach Garrett swept through the final day for yet another all Hoyt Podium Sweep.

In Men’s Compound, as it so often happens, many fellow Team Hoyt shooters met early in the eliminations and had to shoot head to head.

Hoyt’s Jesse Broadwater and Tate Morgan during an intense match.

Despite knocking each-other out. It was excellent practice for the worlds largest archery stage.. Vegas!

After some great Men’s Compound matches, Hoyt’s Toja Cerne and Linda Ochoa-Anderson continued their hot streaks from Nimes and came in to win both the silver and bronze medals.

Toja getting ready to hammer down

Linda Ochoa-Anderson following through after a great shot

Not to be outdone by the other girls, Mackenzie Brown crushed the competition and added yet another Gold Medal to her name.

Mackenzie Brown atop the podium after winning a hard earned gold medal

All in all, the Lancaster Classic was nothing short of a success for Team Hoyt. Congratulations to all the archers who weathered the storm and a thank you to Lancaster Archery for hosting the event.

See you all in Vegas!