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Team  Hoyt Continues Domination at 2nd Leg of World Cup Indoor

Dec 10, 2015 |  #Hoyt #target archery #compound #recurve


fter a strong start to the 2015/2016 Indoor World Cup season in Marrakesh, Team Hoyt continued to dominate the field as they blew away the competition in Bangkok, Thailand.


In the Men’s Recurve division, the podium was swept once again, for the second straight  tournament, by an all Hoyt team. Brady Ellison (USA) led the charge defeating fellow Team Hoyt member and reigning Olympic Champion Oh Jin Hyek (KOR) in the Gold Medal match. Team Hoyt’s Luis Alvarez brought home the bronze making it a complete 1, 2, 3 sweep in Men’s Recurve.


Oh Jin Hyek (KOR) follow through on a “picture perfect” shot.

Luis Alvarez in his medal match

In addition to the impressive Men’s podium sweep, Hoyt’s Aida Roman (MEX) couldn’t let the boys have all the fun and proved her incredible clutch accuracy as she brought home a well deserved Gold Medal, after battling through some tough competition.


Aida Roman (MEX) preparing to release the Gold Medal winning arrow.

All four medalist were shooting Hoyt’s Olympic Medal winning Formula System paired with the performance proven Formula Quattro limbs. A winning combination for any serious archer.

As if Hoyt’s recurve success wasn’t enough, new Team Hoyt members Toja Cerne (SLO) and Crystal Gauvin (USA) contributed to ANOTHER Hoyt Podium Sweep in the Women’s Compound Division; with Cerne winning the Gold, Chae Won So (KOR) taking Silver and Gauvin winning bronze completing the Podium sweep.


Podiums on Podiums on Podiums. Get Serious Get Hoyt.


Toja Cerne (SLO) bringing home a Gold Medal at her first ever event with a Hoyt.


Crystal Gauvin preparing to Podium.

And last, but certainly not least, Matt “Big Easy” Sullivan battled through the competition with his new 2016 HyperEdge and brought home an impressive Silver Medal. Surprisingly enough, Matt received his HyperEdge two days before leaving for Thailand but knew he could trust in his Hoyt bow straight from the factory.

Matt Sullivan with his trusty HypderEdge

From box to podium in only a few days, it doesn’t get any better than that. Get Serious. Get Hoyt.