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Hoyt Masters Marrakesh

Nov 23, 2015 |  #Hoyt #target archery #compound #recurve


Starting out a season strong has always been a positive indicator of good things to come. If that is the case, then the world is about to be set on fire by Team Hoyt!


Men’s Recurve Podium Sweep (L to R) Matteo Fissore, Patrick Huston, Jean-Charles Valladont

After a quick break from the outdoor season, Patrick Huston (GBR) and his fellow Hoyt Team mates; Matteo Fissore (ITA) and Jean-Charles Valladont (FRA) started their indoor season off with a bang! From day one of the tournament, these archers blazed their way through their competition and when the dust settled, yet another Hoyt Podium Sweep was the result.

Equally impressive was yet another podium sweet in the Women’s Recurve, with Guendalina Sartori (ITA) leading the way with an impressive gold medal finish, followed by Berenger Schuh’s (FRA) silver and an honorable bronze by Randi Degn (DEN).


(L to R) Berenger Schuh, Guendalina Sartori and Randi Degn

Also, to add to the already impressive Hoyt success, Team Hoyt compound shooters Sandrine Vandionant (FRA) and Peter Elzinga (NED) represented well and brought home a gold and silver medal.


Sandrine Vandionant taking aim for the gold with her Podium X Elite!


Peter Elzinga coming to full draw as he looks to battle for the a finish at the top.

Congratulations to all shooters and participants of this event! We look forward to your continued success throughout the rest of the indoor season!