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Team Hoyt Chomps the Comp at Gator Cup.

May 04, 2015 |  #Hoyt #compound #target archery #recurve

The competition in Florida was fierce, but couldn’t match the bite of Team Hoyt.  In spite of adverse weather, including heavy winds, dense humidity and even an elimination-round rain delay, arrows from Hoyt bows found their marks. Hoyt bows were seen on the top spot of every podium and Hoyt shooters walked away with more than half of the medals.

Brady Ellison, Jacob Wukie, and Sean Mclaughlin sweep the men’s recurve podium at the Gator Cup. 

Brady Ellison lead the charge on the men’s recurve contest for a podium sweep, wielding the recently-released Prodigy RX and proving its mettle. Jacob Wukie and Sean Mclaughlin secured silver and bronze, with Crispin Duenas hot on their heels.

Brady Ellison shoots for gold in recurve at the Gator Cup. 

Hoyt’s female archers walked home with a lot of metal as well. Emily Fischer and Hannah Hardin stood on the top two spots in the compound contest, while Khatuna Lorig secured bronze in recurve.

Reo Wilde stood tall on the top-spot of the men’s compound podium.

Reo Wilde takes the top spot in Men’s Compound.

Congratulations to Team Hoyt archers on chomping through tough weather and stiff competition to prove their dominance in all environments. Get Serious. Get Hoyt.