Hoyt Pro Staffer Forrest Carter

Hoyt Pro Staffer Forrest Carter

Forrest Carter

Forrest Carter

Pro Staff

Forrest's family has been involved in archery ever since he was a small boy, so of course adapting to the archery lifestyle was inevitable. Forrest won a sectional championship and a 2nd place finish at the NFAA outdoor nationals at age 11, and then dropped out of archery once his family took a break and he discovered girls. He then came back into the lifestyle a couple of decades later and jumped into it with both feet. He started shooting in the professional division in 2004 and continues to do so to date.  Forrest currently heads the Marketing Department at Carter Releases

Career Achievements:

     -     Utah Open Champion ( TWICE )

     -     Multiple State and Sectional Championships

     -     Multiple Top National Finishes

Favorite Archery Game (3D/Field/FITA, etc): NFAA indoor and field

Favorite Event every Year? The World Archery Festival in Las Vegas

What is your most memorable experience in archery? Winning the 2004 Utah Open and having my 2 year old son run up from the crowd to congratulate me. I have never had a better archery feeling in my entire career.

Best piece of advice for upcoming archers? First, shoot a Hoyt! Practice consistently, make a schedule. Consistency is the key to progress in all things, especially archery. And of course, learn the proper unanticipated execution of a release aid.

Something Unique/Interesting about Forrest:  Along with Archery, I am also an author of multiple articles and books. At the current time I am working on a fictional novel along with some collections of poetry for some other projects. I have published my own book on our Carter Release aids available on Amazon. I am also working on becoming a professional musician and bass player. These may be some lofty goals but I have the drive, desire and discipline to make my goals into reality, just as I have done with archery.

Forrest's other Sponsors:

     -     Easton, AAE, Leupold, Sure Loc, Wasp broadheads, Sitka gear, Firststring USA, and of course Carter Enterprises

Follow Forrest:

     -     Instagram:  @Forrestc300

     -     Facebook:  Forrest Carter