Hoyt Pro Staffer Gerda Roux

Hoyt Pro Staffer Gerda Roux

Gerda Roux

Gerda Roux

Pro Staff

Gerda is from Pretoria, South Africa where she didn't begin shooting until age 37 but right out of the gate she began making a splash (see Career Achievements below).  She joined the Hoyt Pro Staff Family in 2013.  Gerda is married to Patrick Roux (aslo Hoyt Pro Staff - 22 years), they have two children, a daughter age 16 and a son age 14.  She has a successful law practice that,  'sometimes interfers with my archery'.

Career Achievements:     

     -     2012 World Archery Indoor Stage 2 (Singapore) SILVER

     -     2013 Indoor World Cup Final (Las Vegas) 6th

     -     2013 World Championships (Belek, Turkey) BRONZE

     -     2015 World Archery Indoor (Nimes, France) BRONZE TEAM w/ Hoyt teammates Danelle Wentzel and Jeanine van Kradenburg 

     -     Member of the National Archery Team for South Africa since 2013


Favorite archery game (FITA, Field, 3D, etc):  FITA (WA 720)

What is your most memorable experience in archery? My first podium finish internationally at a 720 outdoor event, it was also the most scariest too!

Best piece of advice for upcoming archers?  Find your own style based on all the basic principles of good archery form, no two people are exactly the same, what works for one will not necessarily work for you, don’t be afraid to change and experiment with different things to find the best option for your own style, and of course shoot a Hoyt, it will make life easier!

Something Unique/Interesting about yourself:  I did not even know about competitive archery until 2010 when I saw some coverage on TV of the Commonwealth Games in India where our Compound Men Team competed!  I only started archery in 2012 and learned that you are never too old to learn new things and to be fairly good at it! Archery changed my life and opened a new world for me! I have been extatically happy since I started archery and I also have been deeply depressed because of archery!  In our family, myself, my husband, Patrick Roux, and now our son of 14, Wian Roux have obtained National Colours for archery and will/have represented South Africa Internationally!

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     -     Internationally     -      Custommade Arrow wraps, Easton Archery