Hoyt Pro Staffer Andrea Marcos Garcia

Hoyt Pro Staffer Andrea Marcos Garcia

Andrea Marcos Garcia

Andrea Marcos Garcia

Pro Staff

Andrea was born in Spain in 1988 and took a fairly later start to archery at age 20.  She finished her studies in 2016 in; Health documentation, image for diagnosis and finally the career of Physiotherapist and then tried to study nursing after everything else. She owns and runs her own clinic that allows her the time to train with her Hoyt.  She has great people in her life and most of the time you can find her laughing and sharing hugs (she's a big hugger all so don't be afraid to give her one).  In addition to shooting her Hoyts, she enjoys reading, swimming, movies and coffee.  Andrea has one older brother and her boyfriend recently got his hands on a new Prevail to compete with her!  Andrea joined the Hoyt Pro Staff Family in 2016.

Career Achievements:
     -     Currently Ranked 9th in the world and 5th in Europe

     -     Spanish National Champion ( SIX TIMES )

     -     Spanish National Record Holder ( 5 current records )

     -     2015 World Cup Final Indoor Finalist

     -     2015 World Cup Final Outdoor Finalist

     -     2015 World Archery Stage 2 - Antalya - GOLD

     -     2015 6th place in World Championship

     -     2016 6th place in European Championship

     -     2017 World Cup Final Indoor - SILVER

Favorite Event every Year? I love Vegas (although the first 300 is horrible), Nimes is also my favorite and of course the world championships have something special for me, it is the highest thing a compound can aspire to.

What is your most memorable experience in archery? It's really hard to choose ...The closest thing I can say to you happened last year.  A teammate died of cancer ... her husband asked me to participate with her jersey in the indoor spain championship, which was 3 weeks after her death.  I did it. I finally got the gold for her, and I cried in the middle of the field of finals. So it's probably the best and most difficult thing I've ever done with a bow in my hand. I am proud of that, although it was very hard and I still cant see the video of that final without my heart shrinking.

Best piece of advice for upcoming archers? Easy ... Be happy shooting.  Enjoying, laughing, traveling, making friends is what's behind a Hoyt.  That for many years to go, continue to appear the "mental smile" when you shoot an X.

Something Unique/Interesting about Andrea: She once save the life of a man drowning in a restaurant. The maneuver that she did worked on the third try, when the first time did not work ... my life stopped. Fortunately it worked!

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