Hoyt Pro Staffer Mario Cardoso Lopez

Hoyt Pro Staffer Mario Cardoso Lopez

Mario Cardoso Lopez

Mario Cardoso Lopez

Pro Staff

Mario started shooting archery in 2008, becoming European and Cadet World Champion in 2009.  Since that time he realized that archery was going be a part of his life forever.   Mario made the Senior Mexican Archery Team in 2012 and becoming part of the team has been the most incredible experience he can share to an upcoming archer.  Getting to travel all around the world doing something that you love, getting to know people with the same passion for the sport as you do its incredible, and of course the winning and getting to see your nations flag on the top of the podium each competition its what motivates him each time he steps on the line.  Mario joined the Hoyt Pro Staff Family in 2015.

When Mario isn't training, traveling or competing he can be found at the Scopus Archery Pro Shop where he is the General Manager. 

Career Achievements:

     -     Multiple national records

     -     World Champion ( Juniors ) -  2 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze

     -     National Champion ( Three Times )

     -     World Cup Final - Only the 2nd Mexican Male Compound Archer to qualify for a World Cup Final (ended on 4th )

     -     World University Championships - 2 silver medals

     -     6 consecutive years on the Mexican National Senior Team

Favorite Archery Game: FITA

Favorite Event every Year?  World Cup Circuit mostly Shanghai

What is your most memorable experience in archery?

Definitely shooting all the way through the gold medal for the junior championship in 2013, I remember I was coming from the World Championship on Belek with a terrible weather so I was a little bit frustrated for that and really having a strong will to not going home with an empty hands , I remember shooting really good with my team for winning that medal

Best piece of advice for upcoming archers?

I will say it’s definitely to NEVER GIVE UP! There will be and I can bet you I’ll be times where it seems that everything’s falling down and sorta feel like you’re on the wrong place, but if you have a goal and a dream to remember why you’re there, then go for it! Don’t let anyone or anything step between you and your dream, plus on archery having an open mind to try new things, giving the chance to new material, I’ll definitely will help you!  Plus shooting a Hoyt will do half of the job ;)

Something Unique/Interesting about Mario:

I started archery because of Lord of The Rings movie, enjoy listening to music 24/7, books reader and movie and series addict 

Other Archery Sponsors:

     -     Easton, Beiter, Spider Vanes