Hoyt Pro Staffer Marcella "MARCY" Tonioli

Hoyt Pro Staffer Marcella "MARCY" Tonioli

Marcella "MARCY" Tonioli

Marcella "MARCY" Tonioli

Pro Staff

Marcella "Marcy" Tonioli started shooting archery in May 2003 after seeing a field competition near here home when she was 17 years old.  She started shooting  with a recurve for her first 5 years and later changed when one of her club teammates told her “try the compound, maybe we can make a team!!”. From that moment (August 15th 2008) she fell in love with her compound bow and in March 2011 she started her adventure with the Italian National Team and joined the Hoyt Pro Staff Family in 2013.

Marcella lives in Tuscany, Italy with her husband where they own and operate a Pizzeria.

Career Achievements:

     -     2011 European Indoor Champion

     -     2011, 2013 World Champion in Mixed Team

     -     2016 World Record Mixed Team

     -     2016 World Cup Finals Champion

     -     2017 World Record Women's Team Indoor at the European Championships


Best piece of advice for upcoming archers? 

I just can say to have fun, and do not rush…everything will come at the right time, but not without dedication and sacrifice.

Something Unique/Interesting about Marcella: 

Before she started archery she was undecided between archery and ping pong…guess what found her first!!!

What is your most memorable experience in archery? When I won the World Cup Final last year.


Marcella is a Right Handed archer with a draw length of 26.5" her other sponsors include:

     -     Easton, Truball/Axcel, Beiter, Custom Made Wraps, EliVanes, Bee Stinger, Errea