Hoyt Pro Staffer Roberto Hernandez

Hoyt Pro Staffer Roberto Hernandez

Roberto Hernandez

Roberto Hernandez

Pro Staff

Roberto Hernandez is from San Salvador, El Salvador and comes from a family that loves sports.   Roberto finished Law School in 2014, but archery is his passion and he decided to become a full time archer.  He is currently shooting full time as well as a volunteer coach of the junior team, because he wants to give back to his country and pass on some of the knowledge that he has learned throughout his 15 years of archery practice.  Roberto joined the Team Hoyt Pro Staff in 2010.

Career Highlights:

     -     World Games Bronze Medalist

     -     World Championship Team Bronze Medal

     -     World Cup Medalist

     -     Pan-American Champion --- TWICE

     -     National Records --- Roberto holds every National record in both the Senior and Junior Divisions in El Salvador

Facebook Fan Page: Roberto-Hernandez
Twitter: @BobHrdz
Instagram: @bobhrdz

Favorite Food: I love the "pupusas" that's my traditional food, but also the Mexican food is one of my favorite.
What do you drive: Mitsubishi Lancer

Bow: Hoyt Prevail 40 w/ SVX and HyperEdge
Sight: Axcel carbon achieve
Scope: Axcel AX 31
Stabilizer: Bee Stinger Premier Plus 33" front and 15" side bar
Arrow Rest: Beiter arrow rest
Indoor Arrow Recipe: Easton X2315 200 gr points Easton Diamond 380 Vanes, X2712 250 gr points Easton Diamond 380 Vanes
Outdoor Arrow Recipe: Easton Protour 380, tungsten 120 gr. points with AAE Max 2” Shield Cut Vanes
Strings: first string 452X material
Release: Tru Ball Fulkrum Flex
Optics: Leupold

Favorite Tournaments (Indoor & Outdoor): I love Vegas for indoor, and outdoor the Versus MX shoot
Most memorable moment in archery: the World Games in Cali 2013, the final but also the opening ceremony was awesome
Roberto's other Sponsors include:

     -     Easton Arrows, Bee Stinger, Beiter, First String, Tru Ball, Axcel, Synunm Archery, Pilla Shades, Doinker, Flex, AAE

Favorite Pro Shop: Solo Arqueria Ruben Ochoa store
Other sports & hobbies: I enjoy play soccer, some time in my Play Station and go to the movies.

Competition Personal Bests and Tournament it was shot at

Indoor FITA: 593
Outdoor 50M FITA: 709
Outdoor 1440 FITA: 1393


Best piece of advice for upcoming archers? First shoot a Hoyt, second shoot a Hoyt and third shoot a Hoyt! Hahaha but keep shooting! No matter what! Because the hard work will always pay!

Something Unique/Interesting about yourself: maybe that I practice swimming 5 years, boxing 1 year, and play soccer with friends all my life, I’m a layer, and love to be an archery coach.