Hoyt Pro Staffer Maja Marcen

Hoyt Pro Staffer Maja Marcen

Maja Marcen

Maja Marcen

Pro Staff

Name: Maja Marcen
Where do you live: Medellin, Colombia
Occupation: Dentist, archer

Facebook Fan Page: maja archery

Favorite Food: Italina, Thai, ice cream
What do you drive: Nissan Qashqai
How long have you been shooting archery: 22 years

Bow: Hoyt Pro Comp Elite FX
Sight: Shibuya
Scope: Sure Loc
Stabilizer: Doinker
Arrow Rest: Trophy Taker
Indoor Arrow Recipe: Easton x10 Pro Tour
Outdoor Arrow Recipe: Easton Eclipse x7
Strings: 8190
Release: Carter Like Mike
Optics: Kowa

Favorite Tournaments (Indoor & Outdoor): Antalya, Las Vegas
Most memorable moment in archery: When I won silver medal at the Junior World Championships (1998), when we won team gold at Antalya World Cup 2013
List your other sponsors: Doinker, Shibuya,Trophy Taker, Carter, Easton, Beiter, XsWIngs, Custommadearrowwraps, Oakley
Favorite Pro Shop:
Other sports & hobbies: Being a mum is my favorite thing besides archery, I like skiing and playing basketball

Podium Finishes and Career Highlights

1997, 1st Junior Team at the European championships, 1998 2nd World Junior Championships Individual and 3rd by team, 3rd Team World Field championships, 1st team European championships, 2nd mixed team World University Championships, 1st Team World Cup Antalya 2013, 2nd team World Cup Medellin...

Competition Personal Bests and Tournament it was shot at

Indoor FITA:
Outdoor 50M FITA: 678
Outdoor 1440 FITA:1390