Hoyt Pro Staffer Lucy Holderness

Hoyt Pro Staffer Lucy Holderness

Lucy Holderness

Lucy Holderness

Pro Staff

Lucy "The Legend" Holderness!  That pretty much sums Lucy up!  Lucy lives in Great Britain and for any of you who have shot the ASA Circuits we are sure that you have see this Brit around the course with a smile on her face!   Lucy began shooting at the age of 28 and hasn't looked back.  Competing all over the world in 3D and field competitions she is a shooter to watch out for when she takes the field.  She has been a part of the Hoyt Pro Staff Family since 2009.  When she isn't traveling and competig Lucy is an Interior Designer, custom curtain maker, shop assistance, and caretaker.  

Career Achievements:

     -     2000-2007 World Champion Bowhunter and Field

     -     2000-2007 European Champion Bowhunter and Field

     -     2009 World Indoor SILVER (Team), 4th (IND)

     -     2011 World Champion World Archery 3D

     -     2014 ASA Women's Pro Champion (Florida)

     -     Multiple IFAA World 3D Titles

Favorite Archery Game (3D/Field/FITA, etc): 3D and field

Favorite Event every Year? ASA Pro Am and Euro Pro series field

What is your most memorable experience in archery? Shoot off arrow at WA 2011 World 3D final, had to shoot a bonus ring at 50yds. Adrenaline rush or what!!!

Best piece of advice for upcoming archers? Get positives out of whatever you do, regret nothing! Enjoy and shoot a HOYT!

Something Unique/Interesting about Lucy:     Quite interesting, unbelievable, even I don’t believe it, I have an IQ of 150! 

Lucy's other Sponsors:

     -     Carbon Express, Truball, Bohning, DS Archery, Winners Choice, Beiter and The Archery Company

To Follow Lucy:
     -     Facebook Fan Page: Not sure what this is
     -     Twitter: Hmmmmmm!!
     -     Instagram: Oh dear!

Well we promise that you'll see her on the line!  Make sure that you say hi, the accent will give her away.  NOTE:  She's a hugger!

Competition Personal Bests and Tournament it was shot at:

     -     Indoor FITA: 579 long time ago, can’t remember where.
     -     Outdoor 50M FITA: 685 UK
     -     Outdoor 1440 FITA: 1380 UK
     -     FITA Field: Marked -393 , Unmarked –396
     -     NFAA Field: 543
     -     NFAA Hunter: 541
     -     NFAA Animal: 560
     -     3D: 20 target ASA 208