Hoyt Pro Staffer Diane Watson

Hoyt Pro Staffer Diane Watson

Diane Watson

Diane Watson

Pro Staff

Name: Diane Watson
Where do you live: Hudson, FL
Occupation: Professional Archer and L4 NTS Coach

Facebook Fan Page: Facebook.com/diane.watson.581
Twitter: @archerwatson
Instagram: @archerwatson

Favorite Food: Anything that my Mom cooks
What do you drive: VW Beetle and HD Street Glide
How long have you been shooting archery: 40 Plus years

Bow: Pro Comp FX
Sight: Axcel
Scope: Axcel 6x Feather Vision Lens
Stabilizer: Doinker Estremos 30” with 15” back bar
Arrow Rest: Tropher Taker Launcher
Indoor Arrow Recipe: Easton X7 2312 with 200 grain Pro Point
Outdoor Arrow Recipe: Easton X10 Pro Tour with 120 grain Tungsten Points
Strings: Fuse Custom
Release: Carter Just Cuz
Optics: Swarovski

Favorite Tournaments (Indoor & Outdoor): Indoor: Vegas Outdoor: Redding
Most memorable moment in archery: I have a lot but the most would be medalling at a World Cup event.
List your other sponsors: My husband Paul, Hoyt, Easton, Doinker, BCY, Carter, Beiter, Axcel, Feather Visions
Favorite Pro Shop: Several in the area where I live - Arrowhead Archery, Adventures Archery, Spurlows
Other sports & hobbies: Touring on our Motorcycles and Boating

Podium Finishes and Career Highlights

Few ASA events both in Women’s Open and Women’s Pro divisions in the mid 90’s. Most recent Individual and team medals on the World Archery World Cup Tournament Series. Seeing smiling faces on the younger archers coming up when they get to fulfill an archery dream.

Competition Personal Bests and Tournament it was shot at

Indoor FITA: Florida Archery State Championship 581 double FITA 1160
Outdoor 50M FITA: WC1 Shanghai - 698 Double 50m
Outdoor 1440 FITA: USAA Nationals 1389, Colorado Springs
FITA Field: Marked – , Unmarked – Can’t remember scores but had a blast shooting in Spokane, WA
NFAA Field: 549 Mechanicsburg, PA
NFAA Hunter: 552 North American Field Archery Championships