Hoyt Pro Staffer Rod Menzer

Hoyt Pro Staffer Rod Menzer

Rod Menzer

Rod Menzer

Pro Staff

Rod was born in a small town in Wisconsin as the middle child (he has two brothers) and was always an active kid.  He could always be found climbing tree’s, catching critters and making bows with sticks and fishing string, riding his bike and playing any sport that he could.  When he was 15, he went on a long bike ride to explore new territory and came across an archery pro shop and indoor range.  Curiosity made him stop and when he walked into the pro shop, his jaw dropped at the sight of all the cool looking bows hanging on the wall and from that moment he was hooked!  It took him 2 yrs to pay off his bow, but he practiced every day he could.  Within 6 months he became a State Champion and placed 2nd at the NFAA Nationals.  He attended the University of Wisconsin and then the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee where Rod graduated with a degree in Economics.  While studying in college, he switched to from compound to Olympic Style Recurve archery and became a Collegiate All-American.  After college Rod spent 2 yrs at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and then moved to California where he spent 8 yrs growing in his professional career.  In 2000 Rod moved back to Wisconsin and began shooting again with great friends and in 2002 he married his amazing wife Linda.  He joined the Hoyt Pro Staff Family in 2006 and is now the Director of Marketing for USA Archery.

Career Achievements:

     -     Wisconsin State Champion ( 20 TIMES )  

     -     Multiple World Records

     -     Multiple Wisconsin State Records

      -     2016 Redding Senior FS Champion

     -     2008 World Field Champion

     -     2005 World Indoor Team Gold and World Record

     -     2005 IFAA North American Field Archery Champion

     -     2004 IFAA Outdoor World Champion and Hunter Round/Aggregate Record

     -     2004 NFAA Field Outdoor National Champion and Hunter Round National Record

How long have you been shooting archery: 30+ years

Favorite Archery Game:  Field!!!

Favorite Event every Year?  Any Pro Archery Series Event – Best fun you can have missing! 

What is your most memorable experience in archery?  Winning 2008 World Field Archery Championships in the worst weather conditions in event history for the week of shooting.

Best piece of advice for upcoming archers?  Never forget to shoot for the joy of shooting and treasure the relationships you develop in this great sport. 

Something Unique/Interesting about Rod:  He once made 4 holes in one in a row which did include a windmill!

Rods other Sponsors:

     -     Easton, Axcel, Carter, Vortex Optics, First String, AAE

Follow Rod:

     -     Facebook Fan Page: Rod Menzer
     -     Instagram: @rodmenzer!

Competition Personal Bests and Tournament it was shot at:

Indoor FITA: 596
Outdoor 50M FITA: I once shot a 60 in the wind of TX
Outdoor 1440 FITA: 1441 (mental imagery is wonderful)
FITA Field: Marked – 418 , Unmarked – 416
NFAA Field: 641- 2013 NFAA National Field Championships
NFAA Hunter: 643 – 2013 WI State Field Championships
NFAA Animal: 583