Hoyt Pro Staffer Don Ward

Hoyt Pro Staffer Don Ward

Don Ward

Don Ward

Pro Staff

Don actually started in the sport of archery as a bowhunter in 1982.  He decided to join an indoor league to improved his archery skills.  At that time he was also shooting fingers.  Finally, he got tired of getting beat by these guys shooting a new fangled index finger release, so he bought one!  On the last night of league he shot his first 300 5-spot games with 42Xs.  That was with a Bear Whitetail II and 2117 arrows.   From that night Don was addicted.  While he has replaced his fletch Hunter release many times with newer releases, he will never forget when that last arrow hit the spot for that 300.  In his free time Don aslo enjoys shooting trap.  He has shot 150 straight to win the Wisconsin individual championship at the Muscoda Team trap tournament.  When he isn't competing or shooting trap Don works for Badger Welding Supplies, Inc and joined the Hoyt Pro Staff Family in 2010.

Career Achievements:

     -     16 Wisconsin State Titles

     -     2010 VEGAS Senior Champion

     -     Midwest Open ( formerly Presley's ) Champion (TWICE) and SILVER (TWICE)

     -     NFAA Great Lakes Sectional Indoor Champion (TWICE)

     -     NFAA Indoor Nationals BRONZE (TWICE)

     -     Wisconsin Senior Games (900 round) Champion 4 TIMES set new record last year 893

     -     Iowa Pro Am Champion and SILVER (TWICE)

     -     Over 150 local and intrastate wins over 30 years.

Favorite Archery game: I realy can't pick a favorite because I enjoy shooting them all.  The competitive nature in me wants to excel at all of them.

Favorite Event every year:    VEGAS!!!

Most memorable experience in archery:   Winning Vegas after the shootoff with Dave Barnsdale in 2010

Best Piece of advice for up and coming archers:   Be a good listener, pick up tricks and things that successful people use and try to put them into practice. Be a gracious winner,and loser.  Both will tell your true character and of course...Shoot a HOYT!

Don's other Sponsors:

     -     Carbon Express,Bohning,Specialty Archery Products,Vortex Optics,Tru Ball,Axcel,