Hoyt Pro Staffer Pierre-Julien Deloche

Hoyt Pro Staffer Pierre-Julien Deloche

Pierre-Julien Deloche

Pierre Julien Deloche

Pro Staff

PJ has been a military, in the French Navy, for 14 years as a coastguardsman where he is able to save lives at sea. He began shooting archery at the age of 23 while he was serving his country. He has now been representing France since 2007 at the worlds highest level and is still counting the medals he's won from around the World. PJ spends his time either behind his bow or behind his laptop, thinking about how to make archery (as a whole) better with the best equipment.  PJ joined the Hoyt Pro Staff Team in 2010 and PJ now works as a product designer at Arc Systeme in France. His release ( L'Attendu) has been making history in the last year with World Championships, World Cup Podiums, Vegas Shootoffs, and many many in the hands of PJ and Steve Anderson.

Career Achievements:

     -     World Cup GOLDS X 2

     -     World Cup SILVER X3

     -     FITA World Championship SILVER

     -     FITA World Games SILVER 

     -     European Champion (Individual and Team) 

     -     NIMES Gold/silver/bronze medals

     -     WORLD NUMBER 1 World Archery Ranking  (The longest male at 601 days!)

     -     2014 World Archery Athlete of the Year 

     -    45+ international medals individual and team

     -    50+ national and international records

Favorite Archery Game (3D/Field/FITA, etc):

Field ! But I do not have enough time to play this game as often as I would ! FITA is my game, indoor or outdoor.

Favorite Event every Year? 

Christmas ;-) #Joke  …  If I’m good enough during the outdoor season, the world Cup Final. Only the best of the season is here, beautiful place, beautiful field, amazing archery.  If I’m not good enough, the kids’ place, Vegas Baby ;-) !

What is your most memorable experience in archery?

I have so many in my head ! This is not a day, or a week, but 601 consecutive days when I was keeping the rank of number 1 in the World, achieving world’s hardest competition with silver or gold medal. This time was a great one, and it was with a Hoyt bow.

Best piece of advice for upcoming archers?

Learn how to shoot, then, learn how to tune a bow FOR YOU, and finally, shoot. That means you’ll have to find the correct bow tuning before starting practice a lot. Take a good stand, then built a tank around the good body posture. No injuries by this way, film yourself, take pictures of you, tune your bow correcty in order that it will fits to you. Your bow will thank you with an X pounding every time you will make him happy. Hoyt bow are the most tunable bows in the World, and the most amazing bows in the Universe, Luke Skywalker himself said it (sorry, I love movies). Believe me or not, I stopped archery to save my family for two years. I restarted in January 2017. I won World cup silver medal in Shanghai only 5 months later. Hoyt knows how to make the best bows…

Something Unique/Interesting about PJ:

I love writing, so I have a website, in French (but Google translate is good enough), and it receive a great audience. This is gratefulness, as each competition receive his story, about 10 hours work to put it online. I spend time to write, a time out-of-time, I need it to relax myself, to be myself. I love pictures too, so I write and I take pictures for my website, talking about archery stories, equipment and tips. “PJ please do it in English”… Nope ;-) As English spoken people has already a lot of good streams available on the net, so I’m in charge of the French spoken archers ! #LearnFrench

Did you already see this page ? Go and see it !!!  #SexyToy #IWILLPREVAIL #WhatAboutYou ?

PJ's other Sponsors:

     -     AXCEL sights, EASTON arrows, MINOX optics, ARC SYSTEME release-stabilizers-bow accessories, PILLA archery glasses, FBS bow strings, Archery Art&Design custom design illustrator, BOHNING vanes, BEITER arrow rest.

Follow PJ:

     -     Website: www.pjdeloche.com

     -     Instagram: @pjdeloche