Hoyt Pro Staffer Reza Zamaninejad

Hoyt Pro Staffer Reza Zamaninejad

Reza Zamaninejad

Reza Zamaninejad

Pro Staff

Name: Reza Zamaninejad
Where do you live: Barstow, CA
Occupation: Cultural adviser, interpreter

Website: www.yayarchery.com
Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/reza.zamaninejad or facebook.com/yayarchery
Instagram: reza_zamaninejad

Favorite Food: kabab / fesenjoon
What do you drive: Kia Sorento this is a big nice fancy SUV
How long have you been shooting archery: almost about 21 years

Bow: I shoot with Pro Comp Elite XL
Sight: Shibuya 550
Scope: Specialty Archery 1 3/8
Stabilizer: Doinker Platinum
Arrow Rest: Spot Hogg Infiniti
Indoor Arrow Recipe: I shoot with Easton Eclipse 2315 with 4" plastic vane 100 gr point
Outdoor Arrow Recipe: my set up is Easton Protour 380, 120 gr tungsten point
Strings: I use BCY 8190
Release: my releases are from Truball , absolute 360 , 3&4 finger + HT release
Optics: My scope is a Nikon

Favorite Tournaments (Indoor & Outdoor): Indoor Vegas, Outdoor is Antalya, Turkey
Most memorable moment in archery: The most amazing time is the first time I won my first international medal in Malaysia
List your other sponsors: Hoyt, Easton
Favorite Pro Shop: Lancaster Archery
Other sports & hobbies: Judo & Bicycling.

Podium Finishes and Career Highlights

Outdoor CA championship 2014
Indoor CA championship 2012
1st place Asian championship 2011

Competition Personal Bests and Tournament it was shot at

Indoor FITA: 297+294=591 at Asian indoor games
Outdoor 50M FITA: 355+354=709 Asian championship 2011