Hoyt Pro Staffer Anne Lantee

Hoyt Pro Staffer Anne Lantee

Anne Lantee

Anne Lantee

Pro Staff

Name: Anne Lantee
Where do you live: Siuntio, Finland
Occupation: Executive Director in Finnish Archery Association

Facebook Fan Page: I don't have a fan page but you may find me in Facebook anyway

Favorite Food: Only one? This is hard... I say shrimp risotto made by my loved one
What do you drive: Mazda 6 STW, big enough for me and my archery equipment. Trunk size is the first thing I check when I'm searching for a new car.
How long have you been shooting archery: Since 1993

Bow: Hoyt Pro Comp Elite and Hoyt Contender Elite
Sight: Copper John and Axcel
Scope: Beiter
Stabilizer: Beiter, Doinker side bar
Arrow Rest: Golden Key
Indoor Arrow Recipe: Easton X7 2314
Outdoor Arrow Recipe: Easton X10 Protour 620, 120 grain Tungsten points, Easton Tite Flight vanes and pins + G pin nocks. Another arrows especially for field are Easton ACE 620, 100 grain break-off points, Tite Flight vanes and pins + G pin nocks.
Strings: Fuse
Release: Carter Fits Me
Optics: Custom made in Finland

Favorite Tournaments (Indoor & Outdoor): Indoor: Vegas, Outdoor: Fort van Lier in IFAA European pro series
Most memorable moment in archery: Winning the world championship gold in Hungary 2010 (field)
List your other sponsors: Hoyt, Easton, Carter, Biowatti
Favorite Pro Shop: Sherwood Shop in Helsinki
Other sports & hobbies: Floorball, table tennis, billiards, cross country skiing, music

Podium Finishes and Career Highlights

2010 FITA World Field gold
2008 FITA World Field bronze
2006 FITA European Outdoor silver
2006 IFAA EFAC gold
2003 FITA European Field silver
2003 IFAA EFAC gold
2002 FITA World Field bronze
2002 FITA European Outdoor team silver
Founder Shooter - European Pro Archery Series
Selected for 5 Star Match

Competition Personal Bests and Tournament it was shot at

Indoor FITA: 580
Outdoor 50M FITA: 678
Outdoor 1440 FITA: 1373
FITA Field: Marked 378 , Unmarked 392
NFAA Field: 541
NFAA Hunter: 544
NFAA Animal: 560