Hoyt Pro Staffer Sergio Pagni

Hoyt Pro Staffer Sergio Pagni

Sergio Pagni

Sergio Pagni

Pro Staff

I was born in 1979 in Tuscany and I live there now, between the hills of this beautiful region of Italy. I began shooting in 2001 and in archery I found my reason to live. Now I want to be one of the best shooter’s in the world and I am working hard in order to become it.

My specialty is the Indoor season, but I feel good shooting outdoors too.

One of my greatest satisfactions that I could never before obtain was to win both Nimes and Face 2 Face Tournaments in 2006.

Member of the Italian National Team since 2005

2007 tournaments

Las Vegas 900

2006 tournaments

Gold Face2Face
Gold Nimes Indoor Championship
Gold Italian Outdoor Championship
Silver Indoor Championship
Silver Team European Indoor Championship
Silver World University Championships
Bronze Team Grand Prix Sassari
5? European Indoor Championship
13? in the World Cup 2006

2005 tournaments

Gold Universiade Izmir
Gold Italian Indoor Championship
Silver Team Grand Prix Sopot
Italian National Records:
36 Final Arrows Indoor 355
36 Final Arrows Outdoor 352

Personal records

18 mt 594
25 mt 587
FITA 1380
90 mt 341
70 mt 352
50 mt 353
30 mt 359
70m Round 694

I am shooting the Hoyt UltraElite XT3000 Cam & 1/2 bow.

Sign of distinction: I shoot left-handed, but I'm right-handed in every other