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NFAA Indoor National Champion - Linda Anderson

Apr 05, 2018 |  #Hoyt #Compound #Target Archery

Cincinnati, OH

If you have ever shot the full 60X round at the NFAA Indoor Nationals, you know how long and grueling that tournament is. You shoot a 5 Spot 60X round two days in a row and it takes several hours to get through each round. Most shooters will tell you the hardest part of this tournament is staying focused for that long and not making any mistakes. Hoyt Pro Staff team member, Linda Ochoa-Anderson, was nearly perfect at this year’s Indoor Nationals.

After Day 1, Linda had shot a perfect 60X 300 to take the top spot in the Women’s Open Pro Division standings. Linda will admit that she would rather shoot outdoors any day of the week. However, she’s no stranger to the indoor podium, already having won the Iowa Pro Am earlier in the season and looking to add the esteemed NFAA Indoor Nationals Silver Bowl to her trophy collection. 

Linda holding steady and executing another perfect shot in the NFAA Indoor Nationals Shoot Off.

Day 2 was pressure packed. Linda shot awesome, only dropping one X for a total two-day combined score of 600 119X! When it was all said and done, there was one other shooter who finished with the same score. Ties are settled in a dramatic shoot off with everyone watching and cameras rolling. Linda was unshaken by the pressure and shot her Hoyt Prevail with precision accuracy, outlasting her competitor and taking home the prize money and the Silver Bowl.

Congratulations to Linda on an outstanding victory and to all the other shooters who took home Silver Bowls in their respective classes.