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Q&A With Jesse “The Freakshow” Broadwater

Aug 16, 2016 |  #hoyt #target archery #compound #laces

Questions were sourced from Hoyt’s social media fanbase. Hoyt’s questions are in BOLD. Jesse’s answers are in Italics.

How does it feel to become the first archer in history to be named NFAA, NAA, and ASA Shooter of the Year in a single season?    

I feel that it is a pretty great feat, actually. If you think about all the arrows shot over such a long span of time, and how consistent you have to be, it’s not an easy task. You really can’t have a bad day in any of the events that count as shooter of the year. So I am pretty proud of the accomplishment!

The 3D game is new to your repertoire this year. Having not shot an ASA in 4 years, what are your thoughts on the game, and how did your strategy change throughout the season?   

It was actually a breath of fresh air, and a change of scenery. I enjoyed it! The first couple events were spent trying to learn the targets and find the right scope set up, but as time went on, I began to figure the game out.


Set-up can have a big impact on perfomance.  What 3D setup did you find worked well for you? 

I feel that the scope set up I ended up with was a huge help. I ended up using a 4X feather vision lens, center drilled with a .010" green fiber, inside a CR Apex housing. I also have an LP light kit ready to go if needed. No clarifier. I shot the Hoyt FX with Easton Protours for the first few events, then tried some Easton Fatboys for the last couple.

Do you plan to shoot on the World Archery World Cup outdoor circuit in the future?    

For me to do that, I would have to completely restructure my schedule, training and setup to be competitive consistently. I would have to fully commit to the 50 meter game, and cut out a lot of other shoots, that quite frankly I enjoy shooting more. More times than not with the World Cups, you are shooting in a lot of wind…. I am not the best wind shooter, nor do I want to try and be.

You are known for your poise under pressure.  What do you like to do to help maintain focus during a competition?    

Always, always, always try to focus on improving yourself and your shot! In practice you are trying to perfect your form and your shot…. Well I feel you should continue to do that all the time no matter if your at a local shoot, or at Vegas in the shoot off. Don’t over think it, and don’t think about all that could go wrong.

Do you ever pay attention to how other competitors are doing during an event?

I have gotten to the point where I can know where everybody else is and not let it get to me. I don’t make it a point to know, but if I do, no biggie. I just want my next shot to be a little better than my last.

What advice would you give for shooting outside of someone’s comfort zone?

I think practicing out of your comfort zone is great sometimes. One way I do this, outdoors especially, is to shoot long distance. Shoot a longer distance, or a smaller target than what is normally shot. That way when you shoot the correct size target, or the correct distance, it will feel like you can’t miss the target that seems big.

If could only practice one aspect of your shooting for three months, what would you focus on?  

I would focus on execution, letting the shot happen. It’s what I practice all the time. Execution is so important and if doesn’t happen the same each time, you will not be consistent.

Do you have any superstitions about bow hunts or competitions?    

 Not really.


What advice do you have for archers making the switch between a vertical pin (single pin) and a traditional horizontal pin sight?

Hmm. I’m gonna be honest here, rather than make something up. I haven’t really thought about this one… I guess if I heard a specific problem, I could try and figure out a solution.

What’s next for Jesse Broadwater? Hunts, training, the switch to indoor?

I had one of the busiest years I’ve ever had this year, with close to 25 major events, in addition to me and my family moving into our new place last October. I have been waiting for this little break that I have between now and the World Field Championship at the end of September. There are many things I have had to put on hold around the house that I need to get done. And I want to hunt, so I will be gearing up for that as well.

But really, I got fairly burnt out this year, and I need a little recharge to get me going again. So I’m looking forward to spending time with my family more than anything. Our kids are at a fun age, and I love being around them. I want to spend as much time with them as I can, before they turn into teenage brats! Ha!


What is your hunting set-up going to look like do you think?

The Carbon Defiant 34 sure is a honey! I will probably run an Axcel Accutouch sight, and some Axis or full metal jackets. That should do the trick. I’m also going to try some mechanical broad heads this year, but I still haven’t decided exactly which ones yet.