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ASA Painted Red

Jun 06, 2016 |  #Hoyt #compound #target archery #bowhunting

Team Hoyt Shooters buckled down in spite of severe weather to do some good old-fashioned spring cleaning this weekend at the Kentucky ASA in London. Mark Ritchie, Jesse Broadwater and Tyler Marlow mopped the floor with the competition for a complete Team Hoyt Podium sweep in K50.  

Jesse, Mark and Tyler finished 2nd, 1st and 3rd, respectively. 

The 4th stop in the ASA tour this year was washed out after the first day, leading directly into a 6-man shoot. When the dust settled the podium had been painted red with Hoyt checks and jerseys dominating the landscape. 

No stranger to the K50 shoot-off Mark Ritchies experience translated into a 1st-place finish. 

Congratulations to these three athletes and the rest of the shooters. Good luck at ASA Illinois in Metropolis.