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May 16, 2016 |  #hoyt #compound #recurve #target archery

At World Cup Stage 2 in Medellin, Columbia, Team Hoyt picked right back up where they left off at World Cup Stage 1, completely owning the podium.

Sergio Pagni (ITA) with his sights on gold. 

Sergio Pagni (ITA) rocked the Compound Men’s Division taking home the gold against the world’s toughest field of compound archers. In the gold medal match, Pagni lived up to his “Sultan of Smooth” nickname as he perfectly executed shot after shot, leaving no room for his competition and earning the World Cup Stage 2 Gold Medalist crown.

Sara Lopez (COL) walked away from Medellin with a triple-gold-hat-trick. 

Sara Lopez (COL) was the talk of the tournament with her incredible archery hat-trick, winning gold in compound women individual, mixed team and team events, going 3-for-3 on all available compound golds. 

Crystal Gauvin (USA), Sara Lopez (COL), and Marcella Tonioni (ITA) swept the compound women competition.

Lopez started the tournament with an incredible qualifying score of 710 points, 12 points ahead of the closest competitor, and matching the top compound men’s qualifying score. She then went on to roll through the elimination brackets where she met her toughest competition, fellow Team Hoyt archer, Crystal Gauvin (USA). In the Gold Medal match, Lopez and Gauvin battled back and forth to an ultimate tie where they had to shoot a 1-arrow shoot off for closest to center. Lopez just edged out Gauvin to take home the gold. Gauvin took home silver and Marcella Tonioni of Italy won bronze, rounding out the Team Hoyt podium sweep in the compound women competition. 

Aura Maria Bravo, Sara Lopez and Alejandra Usquiano joined forces to take home gold in the team event. 

Lopez continued her unprecedented shooting, winning gold in the mixed team event and then went on to win gold with her fellow Hoyt teammates, Aura Maria Bravo and Alejandra Usquiano.

Brady Ellison continues to dominate, taking home gold in the Men’s Recurve competition.

In the recurve men division it was Brady Ellison (USA) doing what he does best, winning big tournaments in the clutch! Brady started off with a super strong qualifying score of 687 and never looked back. Ellison cruised through the elimination brackets and in to the gold medal match where he laid down the hammer as he crushed 10 after 10 after 10 beating his competitor 7 to 1 in set points.

Tan Ya-Ting (TPE) was the #1 qualifier in the recurve women division.

In the recurve women division Team Hoyt’s Tan Ya-Ting (TPE) continued her super strong shooting as she qualified #1 with a score of 680. The University World Champion continued her strong shooting through the elimination rounds and into the medal round where she won the bronze medal over fellow Team Hoyt archer Guendalina Sartori of Italy.  

Team Hoyt would like to congratulate all of the archery athletes and their amazing accomplishments in Medellin. Hoyt bows truly are the Bows of Champions. Get Serious. Get Hoyt.

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