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Team Hoyt Torches Foley ASA 3D Shoot

Feb 29, 2016 |  #Hoyt #target archery #compound #recuve



With the sun shining and arrows flying, the ASA Hoyt Pro/Am in Foley, Alabama was nothing short of spectacular for both archers and spectators alike. With a record breaking 1900+ archers, not to mention the spectators, the buzz and energy alone were worth experiencing.


A record breaking 1900+ archers attending the Hoyt ASA Event.

On what many describe as one of the most difficult, yet enjoyable, courses they’ve ever shot, Team Hoyt shooters were gunning for the top spots in each division.


Team Hoyt members watch on as Hoyt Pro, Daniel Matthews takes aim. 


Jesse 'The Freak-show' Broadwater, easily one of the most accomplished and decorated archers in the world, was the talk of the event where he showed up to try his hand at shooting foam. Needless to say, he put on a show! Finishing 22 up on day one (422/400) and 26 up on day two (426/400), Broadwater completed the two day round with an incredible 48 up score of 448/400 and 25 total 12 rings for the highest score shot in any adult division and putting him in first place going into the pressure packed 5-man shoot down round. Not to mention, he did this all while shooting the skinniest arrows he could have competed with, Easton Pro Tours.

Jesse getting ready to send one down range.


Broadwater turned up the heat yet again in the high-tension shoot-down round against four other talented archers, including Team Hoyt’s James Malone. Broadwater and Malone both came out swinging on their first of five targets, both hitting 14’s. The 14 ring is a very risky, but rewarding shot that can only be scored during the shoot down round. Following this hot start, Broadwater continued to pound his way through the competition and command a strong lead. On his last of the 5 standard 3D animals, before leading to the 6th and final target, “The Freak-Show" shot a perfect, dead-center 12 on the javelina to solidify a sure-win victory!


James Malone during an intense shoot down match.

In an interview after winning the event, Jesse was asked why he went for a dangerous 12 ring shot when all he needed was a straightforward 10 to win. Jesse answered, "I knew exactly where I needed to aim and had 100% confidence that I could put the arrow exactly where it needed to be. Knowing where to aim is the hard part, putting the arrow there is easy.” Easier said than done, but we’ll take Broadwater’s words for it.


The final scores showing Jesse’s victoryF.


ellow Team Hoyt Pro Staffer, Tony Tazza, put on a show of his own in his début in the Senior Pro Class. After a slow start on day one, Tazza shot lights out on day two catapulting him up the rankings, into the intense shoot down round and straight to the podium with his all-new Hyper Edge.



A big congratulations to all the archers who attended and blew the doors off of Foley, Alabama this weekend with record setting attendance and performances at the Hoyt sponsored ASA. Until next time, keep those arrows flying straight and true. Get Serious. Get Hoyt.