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Team Hoyt Wins Big in Mexico

Oct 26, 2015 |  #Hoyt #compound #recurve #target archery


In the grand finale of the year, the 2016 World Cup Finals was  yet another walk in the park for Team Hoyt and it’s team of world renowned archers.

While some would say that the tournament was a complete shake up, others would argue that it’s been a long time coming for those that came out on top. 


Verma Abhishek (IND) during his gold medal match against fellow Team Hoyt member Demir Elmaagacli (TUR).

Favored to make medal match appearances, Reo Wilde, Mike Schloesser and Sebastien Peineau all fell in the quarter finals. While these favored contenders were out of the running, home town favorite Mario Cardoso (MEX), Verma Abhishek and Demir Elmaagacli all kept the pedal to them metal and pushed through into the semi finals.


Mario Cardoso bearing down in the semi final match.

When the dust settled, 3 of the 4 final spots were all in favor of Team Hoyt. Demir, who had beaten powerhouse Reo Wilde earlier in the quarter finals, continued his hot streak and won the first ever World Cup Final medal for his country of Turkey, and a Gold Medal at that! Congraulations Demir on such a great accomplishment!


Demir Elmaagacli standing proud after winning the Gold Medal match.

On the women’s compound side, it came at as no surprise as Sara Lopez repeated history and took home yet another Gold Medal victory, for the second year in a row. Fellow competitors and Team Hoyt shooters Mariia Vinagradova and Linda Ochoa-Anderson also planted their flags as elite competitors bringing home the Silver and Bronze medals for a complete Team Hoyt Women’s Compound podium sweep!


(Left to Right) Mariia Vinogradova (RUS), Sara Lopez (COL) and Linda Ochoa-Anderson (MEX).

In Men’s Recurve, Jean-Charles Valladont made yet another showing and brought home a silver medal to his country of France. An incredible accomplishment on the archery’s biggest stage!


Congratulations to all Team Hoyt members and competitors alike on a very successful year!

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