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Cara Kelly and her Nitrum Dominate 3D Archery

Aug 31, 2015 |  #hoyt #compound #target archery


Anyone who knows Hoyt Pro Staffer Cara Kelly knows that she’s been shooting 3D archery since she could hold a bow. So it’s no wonder that she has quickly become one of the most decorated, recognized and accomplished archers on the 3D Circuit.

To give you a refresher of her accomplishments, here is a quick look at Cara’s resume:

- ASA Archery’s 2015 Women’s Pro Shooter of the Year (Also won 2012, 2013, and placed in the top 3 in 2014)

- Won 4 out of the 5 most recent IBO World Championships, including 2015

- IBO Shooter of the Year - 6 consecutive years

- Only missed 1 shoot-down in the past two years


Cara Kelly bear-hugging a mountain of awards after winning the ASA Classic.

Cara gave us an exclusive interview to gather insight regarding her success and get her outlook on 3D archery.

Rewinding to earlier this year, Cara spoke about beginning the 2015 season with a wrist brace to counteract an issue that had developed from tendonitis in her shoulder. Tendonitis is no simple injury, but one that any seasoned archer recognizes as a potentially season-ending, or even career-ending.

Cara's dedication and incredible “Go-get-‘em” attitude wouldn’t allow this injury to sidetrack her from her goals and she continued to work away. Cara says, "I wasn’t sure which bow to shoot going into this year with my injury. I’d had great success in the past with my Pro Comp FX - and won tournaments before - but after trying Nitrum Turbo, I knew that it was meant to be…. People would come up to me at tournaments and ask me why I was shooting a hunting bow instead of a target-style bow, to which I simply responded, 'Have you shot this bow?“

You could feel Cara’s smile beaming through the phone as she continued to recount this years experiences.


Cara dialing in her sight as she gets set to take the shot.

"Since I shoot both ASA and IBO, I normally have multiple bows set up, to meet the different rules and regulations. But this year I decided I was going to shoot only my Nitrum Turbo. I took an arrow from my previous set-up and within two shots I had a perfectly tuned bow. I was excited to say the least."  


In addition to committing herself to one particular bow for the year, Cara switched things up in her yardage-judging as well. While she wasn’t too keen to share her new-found technique for judging unknown yardage, Cara shared some words of wisdom that we all may have heard before, but have really paid dividends in Cara’s personal shooting:

"Don’t think… It’s all about taking it 1 target at a time. You can’t worry about what another shooter is doing or what their score is. Just step up, judge the best that you know how, and make the best shot that you can. The pressure to hit a 12 or an 'x’ for any archer is counter-productive; just shoot like you know how to shoot, and that arrow will go right where you need it.”


Cara was equally optimistic when discussing her win at the ASA Classic and being awarded Shooter of the Year, saying, “I really didn’t focus on being Shooter of the Year. I knew that I was having a great year and that I was in the running, but I knew that if I just did my best things would play out.”


And pay out they did. As the results clearly show, Cara’s new-found technique to judging yardage, her focused approach to each target, and her positive attitude have proven nothing short of genius.

A HUGE Team Hoyt Congratulations to Cara on yet another fantastic year and to all archers who help support the sport we all love.