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Hoyt Showdown at NFAA Outdoor Nationals

Jul 30, 2015 |  #hoyt #recurve #compound #target archery

Where do the best archers in the nation gather to battle head-to-head in one of archery’s truest displays of skill and talent? The NFAA Outdoor Nationals.

This past weekend was nothing short of thrilling. Competition was fierce, and leads were continually changing on virtually a target-to-target basis.

At the end of day one, 3 of the top 4 spots were filled by Team Hoyt shooters Jesse Broadwater, Kendall Woody and Tate Morgan. All three shooters were shooting their trusty Podium X Elites.


Kendall “The Bulldog” Woody and Jesse Broadwater preparing to face off for the championship.

As the competition progressed, the leading spots alternated from one archer to another and when the dust settled and the end of the last day, two of Hoyt’s finest, Kendall ‘The Bulldog’ Woody and Jesse Broadwater stepped up to the line to decide who was the true 2015 NFAA Outdoor National Champion.


Woody and Broadwater next to their arrows in the final round.

For this shoot off, each archer would shoot 4 arrows at 80 yards and the shooter with the highest accumulative score of the 4 arrows would win. After all 4 arrows were shot; Kendall Woody proudly raised his Podium X above his head, followed by a storm of high fives and hugs from fellow archers to congratulate him on his victory.


Kendall Woody holds up his firstplace trophy as champion of the NFAA Outdoor Nationals

Congratulations to Kendall and Jesse on their 1st and 2nd place finishes, as well as Rodger Willet Jr. who dominated the Senior Pro Class winning 1st place, too. Hoyt also recognizes Tate Morgan and David Houser, who were in the running all weekend, and congratulates all other archers on making this event such a success.