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Hoyt Tops Cartel Classic

Jun 30, 2015 |  #Hoyt #compound #target archery


In what seems to be the fast growing outdoor field event in the world, the Pro Archery Series - Cartel Classic was recently held in Mullenborn, Germany where the best of the best gather for a head to head showdown.

With incredibly steep and difficult shots being nothing short of normal at this event, the entire course required each archers full attention.


Gold Medal winner, Jamie Van Natta, bearing down on a difficult uphill shot.


Sander Dolderman (NED) pulling through the shot.

While the ladies class was dominated by 4 Hoyt shooters, Jamie van Natta, Ivana Buden, Gladys Willems and Lucy Holderness, the Men’s division was a heated battle, going back and forth between several top Hoyt Shooters.


A Hoyt Podium sweep for the ladies! Congratulations to Jamie, Ivana, and Gladys for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes.

The second day of the event, the competition was still extremely close, however, as the event came to a close, Hoyt’s Jesse Broadwater came out victorious, adding another notable victory to his long list of archery accomplishments.


Jesse congratulates his competitors on a great weekend of shooting. 

A big congratulations to all Team Hoyt shooters and archers who participated in this great event!

Important Note: Hoyt would like to thank the Pro Archery Series FB page for the images used in this blog.