Hoyt Trophy Photos | Joey Battaglia

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Joey Battaglia, Ontario

Bow Used: Hoyt Nitrum Turbo

After 4 years of being incredibly selective and stubborn , patient dedicated and slightly delusional. I took my first shot ever at any deer after and it was at the buck I’ve been waiting for. After thousands of practice shots, all I needed was this one and I missed over the back by a foot on a tough spot and stalk shot. This emotional rollercoaster left me feeling devastated, angry and hopeless. It also motivated me. I wrote the name Crazy 8 on my arrow as a reminder. The universe mysteriously gave me a second chance 13 days later and this time I was ready. On my second shot, I got it done. First hit, first deer, first buck named Crazy 8 (he lost a brow in those 13 days) after reaching a 4 year personal goal I’m not sure who was crazier me or him.

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