Hoyt Trophy Photos | Hunter Martin

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Hunter Martin, Nebraska

Bow Used: Spyder 30 & Carbon Matrix

I go to college in Yankton, SD where I play basketball. On October 27th we had 6 AM practice, right after our practice I made the three hour drive home to do some hunting in the afternoon. Early that afternoon my dad and i got 50 yards from the large mulie when he turned and walked the wrong way. We split up to find him again and he came crashing through the trees and stopped at 15 yards from my dad where he made a great shot with his Hoyt Carbon Matrix. We got him gutted and hung up then quickly moved into the tree stand to look for a nice whitetail, it was a great day out, started snowing about an hour before dark, and the bucks started moving. We had a really nice 6x6 whitetail that we named Fred that is a young buck with great genetics. It was about ten minutes before dark when I saw a deer walking back in the trees about a hundred yards away. I instantly grabbed my Hoyt and told my dad there was a big buck coming. I could tell he was a shooter just from the size of his body. As he got closer to the stand I realized it was a buck we've had pictures of for about three years, we called him shorty because of his short G2 genetic. I made the decision instantly i was going to shoot him because of our history with him and how mature he was. This was the first time we had ever seen him in the day light. He came walking out at 19 yards and stopped in his tracks. His hair on his back was all stood up due to the fact Fred was coming down the trail the opposite way ready to fight. Before either deer could chase eachother or fight I drew back and made a perfect shot on him with my Hoyt Spyder 30. By the time we got him gutted, caped out, and hung up I had to head back to Yankton for my classes starting at 9 am the next morning. All in all it was a great quick trip home to smack some great mature deer with our Hoyts.

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