Hoyt Trophy Photos | Justin Peak

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Justin Peak, WI

Bow Used: Hyper Edge (UA Ridge Reaper)

Battling temperatures pushing triple digits and smoke caused from wildfires which both limited daytime elk activity we were able to pinpoint the areas the elk were using the during the last hour of shooting light most days. We set up ambushes in those areas and it allowed our group to go 4 for 4 and tagging out on our Idaho DIY Public Land Elk hunt! My Hoyt Hyper Edge helped me hammer this bull as he cruised in with 3 other cows. A 35 yd death scamper was all he could manage as he collapsed 3 times attempting to make it off that mountain! I have hunted with a longer ATA target bow ever since you guys first introduced the first UltraElite and I've never looked back! Thanks for building such solid equipment that I know will never fail me during that moment of truth!! Justin Peak

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