Hoyt Trophy Photos | Vince Kolacz

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Vince Kolacz, OHIO

Bow Used: Defiant

Little hunting time meant optimal use of trail cameras and strategic timing to be in the woods. With no bucks being seen regularly, peak rut would be the best time for me to hunt. After 2 hours in the stand and just seeing does, one doe went running through the woods. Before I saw what was chasing her, I heard a loud grunt...so loud that it startled me. The closer he got, the faster she ran and they began to run away from me. As a last resort, I hit my grunt tube and he turned away from the running doe and came my way. Just before he got to the edge of the woods, he stopped to survey the does standing out in the open field. At 30 yards the setup was perfect to draw with out being seen and release an arrow. Every new Hoyt I get shoots better than the last one and my Defiant is by far the best shooting bow I have ever shot. Hunting with such awesome equipment allows me to concentrate on other things besides my equipment. My Hoyt always delivers!

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