Hoyt Trophy Photos | Joseph

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Joseph, Oregon

Bow Used: Defiant 34

After setting up just down the hill from the roost, on their daily path I waited for the fly down. They slowly started making their way in not paying any attention to the decoys like they should. I passed on many birds waiting for some good decoy attacking to make video with, after letting over 10 birds feed by and chase each other in front of my blind I decided I was probably being dumb and should shoot one of them if they fed by again. As this bird got chased around by the other birds he started feeding right towards me at about 20 yards, I got the bow drawn without being noticed, and with camera rolling I anchored in, settled the pin and sent it. The angle he was at had me confused and I made a lethal shot but I wasn't sure at the time. So as he was limping away at about 30 yards I sent another arrow and this one was picture perfect. Hitting directly above his tail feathers, centered in his body, and exited next to his beard and he expired quickly on film. All before 6:30!

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