Hoyt Trophy Photos | Garry Sutton

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Garry Sutton, Alberta.

Bow Used: Vectrix XT 500

Hunting the rut in North West Alberta with my buddy Don. We called mid morning out into a logged out area an got a response. It was the first morning of the hunt and we were not very organized. When we finally got all our gear ready we went after him. For a while it seemed he was getting further away so we booked it down a cutline for about 1/2 mile. Tried another call and his response indicate he was close. My buddy and I separated and I set up off the cutline and Don continued to cow call. The elk became very aggressive so Don started to break branches and rake a large stick on trees and brush. The elk made his way out to the cut line. He was slightly 1/4 to me at 40 yards. I took the shot an was unsure I had hit him. We waited for a short time and started to looking for my arrow. We couldn't find my arrow but did find blood. We continued to track blood for 75 yards when we found him expired. We were both very surprised how big he was. I was using FMJ with 125 gr Muzzy broad heads. Most exciting hunt of my life. He scored Pope an Young 275 3/8.

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