Hoyt Trophy Photos | Jack Chapman-Burgess

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Jack Chapman-Burgess, New South Wales

Bow Used: Hoyt defiant 34 80lb

After what I thought was a quite morning with not a croak to be heard and a few rattles on empty scapes. I heard a croak two gullies over. That was enough to set me in that direction. As I edged closer the croaking stopped and I saw spikes running from the hill side. Trying to pin point the buck, it was soon clear where he was when all hell broke loose. He engadged in a massive fight with another equal buck.. Massive rattles from colliding antlers and crashing and cracking from snapping saplings. I pushed into some thick timbers on the edge the clear battle ground. I watch the fight for 10 min like a spectator on the edge of a boxing ring only 30m away. Picking my opertunity, I drew and set my pin. A slightly quartering away shot had my arrow puncture both lungs.. The buck didn't know what hit him. He ran down the gully being chased by the other buck thinking he had won. 80m away he expired mid chase. An amazing experience to have witnessed and my first good buck for the season. Author: Jack from. Full Quiver Archery

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