Hoyt Trophy Photos | Daniel Peeples

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Daniel Peeples, Georgia

Bow Used: Carbon Defiant

The late season in the Texas Panhandle is my favorite time to stalk old mature mule deer. You never know what new deer you might find on any given day. We set out early that day to head to a far corner of the ranch, only to get caught up in arrowhead and petrified wood hunting all morning. We were set to head back to the ranch house, but I wanted to stop a glass in a cactus flat on the edge of a canyon that holds a lot of does. Well guess who was standing in the middle of about 10 does...this guy! It took some time but after I got into position, I was looking at a 71 yard shot before they dropped into the canyon. Well, lets just say after a settled the pin....the bow did the rest! HOYT'EM!

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