Hoyt Trophy Photos | Glenn Whiteley

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Glenn Whiteley, Oklahoma

Bow Used: Charger

After my wife got her buck I got my chance. For the next few weeks watched deer on camera looking for a good mature buck. We had a few coming in at the same set my wife took hers. So I grabbed my bow and got after it. Ended up being my first and last bow hunt of the year. I watched several good deer come through but none were one of the ones I was after. At the last bit of daylight I was glassing some deer on our wheat. I put down the binoculars and felt something to my left. Look and there is a buck we called dex he had just appeared like a ghost. He hopped the fence and started towards me. I was frozen I now had 6 does directly below my stand. My heart started to sink as he walked though my shooting lane presenting a perfect 30 yard shot, and on around behind me. Devistated I sat down. As I started to replay the whole night in my head I look up and there is dex starring right at me. In the same shooting lane as before. I range him at 30 yards. I stand up and reach for the charger. The stand is now rattling with my buck fever. I hook my release draw aim and let it fly. Could of sworn I watched that easton in air for a minute. I know that charger spits them a heck of a lot faster than that though. I hear that beautiful wack and see the nockturnal pass though. We walked calmly out in the field and lays down to expire. I really couldn't believe it until I laid my hands on him. I really believe that if my Hoyt wasn't as smooth to draw as it is. I would of spooked him, and when I let it fly I was so quiet that he didn't even know what had happened. All in all 2016 was a great year for us both. Shayla and I both took our first archery bucks, hers being her first deer ever, and mine being my second. My buck also made Pope & Young. Two bucks down and welcomed our first little boy into the world (Benson Hoyt Whiteley). 2016 was a dang good year. Thank you for making solid products. We both love our chargers and have no plans to switch them anytime soon! Thank you for letting us share our story. God bless

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