Hoyt Trophy Photos | Glenn Whiteley

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Glenn Whiteley, Oklahoma

Bow Used: Charger Vicxen

I just wanted to say y'all make great quality bows whose shoot-ability is unmatched. I bought my wife (Shayla Whiteley) a charger vicxen last year she worked and worked getting it set up and ready for deer season here in Oklahoma, and unfortunately didn't get it done. She didn't get discouraged though. She stayed at it and kept practicing, even after we found out we were pregnant with our first kid. She kept on it up until she was no longer allowed. After having a little boy in May and getting the go ahead she picked up the bow and got right back at it. On the second day of season she shot her first deer ever, a nice 9 point buck at that. I am so proud of her for working so hard to go after something she wanted so bad. So again I just want to say thank you for making a quality bow and introducing so many into the sport and lifestyle. Team Hoyt for life.

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