Hoyt Trophy Photos | Jason Phillips

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Jason Phillips, Wisconsin

Bow Used: Hoyt Nitruim Turbo

Story from 11/11/2016..This year bowhunting has been the toughest year for me in a long time. From missing a doe opening day of bowhunting..missing a doe in early October and missing a giant 6pt...it wasn't all fault why I missed these deer, but I learned from these opportunities. This week I took the whole week off from work in hoping to put down my 1st big buck. This week I was hoping to see some good rut activity but with the Temps being so warm in Wisconsin I hardly saw any rut movement. I have been bowhunting for 13 years with many opportunities for putting down a wallhanger but could never make it happen until last night...I didn't get in stand today until 1 because we had parent teacher conferences..I saw deer movement around 3pm just like this whole week however nothing in range...hours past and I was just about ready to get down from my stand until I saw this buck trotting my way kept getting closers I grab my bow i drew back brrped at him twice to make him stop and took the shot at 20 yards I connected and he trotted off 45 to 50 yards until he tipped over...I'm so happy to make this happen after so long..Im very thankful for my wife for allowing me to put in a lot of hours on stand and allowing me to enjoy something that I'm truly passionate about..I also hope my grandpa's witness this tonight because I'm sure they both would have been proud if they were still around...what I learned this year is have fun and shoot whatever makes you happy... I also wanna say thanks for all the veterans for making this hunt possible on veterans day without you this wouldn't have been possible. I also wanna say thanks for my parents for always being there during my ups and downs during all the hunting years and thanks for all that you have shown me over the years! Shoot straight my friends and enjoy the moment !

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