Hoyt Trophy Photos | Delfino L Aguilar

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Delfino L Aguilar, Texas

Bow Used: Hoyt carbon defiant

This story begins on a Friday morning. Kinda of a cool night. As me and my guide were cruising around in a ranger. We see a couple doe's at about 300 yards. It's then we look closer and see a buck not far trailing from them. As we try to get closer we put a spot light on him. He then sees us getting closer and jumps to the other side of the fence. We then trail around to see if we can catch him And there was he then again he jumped again. We repeated this process about three four times. He eventually started running across the field and we thought we lost him. We then try to cut him off and down a little creek bed. As we are going up hill there he was I quicky got out my rigged carbon defiant and drew back. Within a second I hit shot and got a clean shot in the shoulder area. Little did I know o had pierce the upper part of his heart. With a few steps he was down. The emotions adrenaline and thoughts that were going through my head were completely out of this world. It's then all the hours put in the blind and the trails make it completely worth while.

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