Hoyt Trophy Photos | Pete Schmersahl

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Pete Schmersahl, Missouri

Bow Used: Factor 30

On 11/8/16 I shot my first buck by bow after 20+ years of bow hunting. I was hunting a funnel point between a creek and the bean field on our Monroe County Missouri lease. The rain had woke up the Turkey and I was sure to bag one as the hens and jakes were walking down the field edge to me and the toms were working their way towards me in the woods from the opposite direction.. My buck came trotting down the creek edge from the same direction the hens were. As I watched the Toms work their way into shooting range my buck snapped a branch. I turned and looked as he continued to trot. Knowing he was a shooter at first glance, I spun, drew and bayed to get him to stop. I had a quartering to me shot about 15 yards and he was getting spooky. I shoot, watched him kick and then continue running down the creek edge and out of site. We found him 90 yards away and he was much bigger than I thought. Green scored 204

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